Abortion Clinics (Legal)

Welcome to Medica Center Fem

Abortion Clinics (Legal)

Welcome to Medica Center Fem

Legal status for abortion proceduce or pregnancy termination in Mexico city

Since pregnancy termination become legal for mexico city at 2007,an average of 7,000 women have been beneficiary with the legal program, that has been so helpful mostly for woman at mexico city, as well as many other fro different states out side of mexico city.

Clínicas de Aborto Legal

¿Where can I find legal information for abortion?

¡How to find an abortion clinic, legally establish!

First you must informed about Abortion clinics near you.

Then you must know the Mexico City law, there is been an addendum in the Penal Code for Mexico City and the Health Law is added the decriminalization of abortion before 12 week of pregnancy.

These agreement changes in different status for circular/GDF-SSDF-01/06 which contains General Guidelines for Organization an Operational Service on Health Issue (concerned to legal pregnancy termination in Mexico City published at Gaceta Oficial of Mexico Cityon November 15, 2006, published on June 2012.

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Basic requirements for legal pregnancy termination at Mexico City

Have a pregnancy equal or less than 12 week (3 months).

Laboratory analysis, specific for the ambulatory procedure on pregnancy termination.

Ultrasound and medical evaluaton performmed by the specialist.

Be over 18 years old (legal age), and if not accompanied by the parent or legal guardian with official documentation.

Due to legal abortion status in Mexico City specifically, Mexican woman have new medical legal and safe alternative for unexpected pregnancy. Abortion clinics, where legal options are offer either at private practice clinics or public services hospitals. This also allows different approaches on economy possibilities. Whether the abortion is by surgical option or medication administration.


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