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Medica Center FEM
provides gynecological health services in each of the stages of women’s development, providing adequate information for women’s health care. We have STI detection services, pelvic exams, cancer detection, diagnosis and detection of pregnancy as well as information, advice and services of the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy program of the CDMX Government.

Offering ILE services (Legal Abortion before 12 weeks) in a free, safe and informed manner.

Legal Interruption of Pregnancy

For legal, secure and confidential access in the CDMX.
Know the options that exist for you.

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We have STI detection services, pelvic exams, cancer detection, diagnosis and detection of pregnancy.

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Sexual and Reproductive Health

Live a safe sexual life, without risks and free. Compare contraceptive options and find the best method for you.

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Medica Center FEM is a specialized clinic for the ILE, we are certified by the Secretary of Health of Mexico City and International Organizations, such as NAF.

Where can I get to know the law about
Clinics to abort?

How can I go to a legal abortion clinic?

In the first instance you should inform yourself about the  Abortion Clinics near your locality.

You must know the legislation exists where a decree is issued to reform the Penal Code for Mexico City and the Health Law is added to the decriminalization of abortion before 12 weeks of gestation

In addition, this agreement reforms, adds and repeals several points of the Circular / GDF-SSDF-01/06 that contains the General Guidelines for Organization and Operation of Health Services related to the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy in Mexico City published in the Official Gazette of the Federal District on November 15, 2006.


Basic requirements for the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy in Mexico City

  • Having a pregnancy less than 12 weeks of gestation.
  • Carry out the corresponding clinical analyzes for any procedure of early pregnancy suspension.
  • Medical evaluation performed by the specialist doctor.
  • Be of legal age, and in case of not being accompanied by the parent or legal guardian with official documentation.

Thanks to the legalization of the Interruption of Pregnancy in Mexico City, women who perform a procedure of this nature, can choose the right time to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights, as well as the instance (or Clinic to abort) public or private according to their economy and decide advised by an expert in the matter which method is the best for them. This alternative allows women to have the clinical-legal guarantees for their physical, emotional and legal security, in addition to providing patients with the peace of mind that anyone who undergoes any medical procedure, whether the abortion is surgical or medicine.

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