Abortion Procedure Legal Pregnancy Termination

Abortion procedure ,  legal abortion is possible on a voluntary basis in the cdmx before 12 weeks of gestation. There are two methods that you can choose from.

Which are:

Abortion Procedure Legal Pregnancy termination (Abortion Pills )

Currently exists the ILE pregnancy termination with medication under strict medical supervision; the international medical community recognizes this method (abortion pill).

This legal ILE pregnancy interruption method is very advisable in the first gestation period, since it acts on a very natural way, being non-invasive and with a high efficiency rate if it is used before the ninth gestation week

Including assessment, pelvic ultrasound, telephone support and medical attention for terminated pregnancy.

Terminated pregnancy with surgical method or AMEU (surgical abortion)

The method of Short stay in our facilities, is evaluated previously by the treating physician. The stay varies between two and three hours, since the consultation until the patient’s return.

The uterine vacuum aspiration is an ambulatory procedure of short stay in, that is done under the strict control and supervision of a certified physician to diminish the risks up to the maximal with the previous patient assessment that includes specialized medical consultation, pelvic ultrasound, telephone support and medical care for terminated pregnancy.

Delivering it with a safe, fast and reliable treatment based on the established rules and guidelines. It has been proved that clinical methods for Legal Pregnancy Termination are safe and effective up to the 12 gestation weeks (legal limit established in the penal code of Mexico City).

In Mexico City the legal pregnancy termination is probated by two authorized methods by Mexico City government and other institutions specialized on the topic.

Which are:

  • Uterine vacuum aspiration
  • Medication treatment