How to get an abortion in
Mexico City

How to get an abortion legally in Mexico City is a reality which thousands of women from México City and metropolitan area have access to. Since 2007, In México City, the ILE program allows the Legal Pregnancy Termination before the 12 gestation weeks, without any cause, only by voluntary and own choice of not to continue with the pregnancy.

It is indispensable that women who desire to abort by the ILE Program, attend to a legal ILE abortion clinics, which must count with the program that provides.

  •  Advisory on ILE methods.
  •  Advisory and information about contraceptive methods and sexual and reproductive health.
  •  Clinical studies and assessment that allow appreciating their general health status as the time of the pregnancy and the ILE method to perform.
  •  Counseling about contraceptive methodssexual and reproductive health.

MedicaCenterFem provides the information about how to legally abort in Mexico City.

How to get an abortion legally

  1. Women who seek how to legally abort with medication must know that this method is contraindicated if the uterus is occupied with the IUD (intrauterine dispositive), unless it is previously removed.
  2. Previously realize the corresponding clinical tests to the ambulatory interruption procedure.
  3. The abortion procedure can only be made having a pregnancy with less than 12 weeks of gestation (legal limit in Mexico City).

Tu decisión será libre e informada.

How to get an abortion legally

  • With void (surgical abortion), Manual uterine vacuum or electrical aspiration: The full procedure to legally abort, requires only one visit to the physician, the patient has the option to use short term general anesthesia or local anesthesia; the procedure lasts only 10 minutes in the operating room and the total length of stay in our facilities is 2 hours maximum.
  • Procedure of ILE with medication (Abortion Pill). Its administration is through oral via; it can be used from week 2 to week 9 of gestation. Time of reaction varies from 3 to 8 days; consists of 2 ingestions, one given in our clinic facilities, because it is a regulated medication and the second dose it’s realized in the comfort of your home. The effect presents like a menstrual period, with 3 to 5 days of bleeding. This procedure is contraindicated if the uterus is occupied with the IUD (intrauterine dispositive), unless it is previously removed, the abortion pills can fail, it is indispensable to return to a medical assessment and keep in touch with the physician.
  • Many women seek how to abort illegally from other states of the country, but the only state where pregnancy termination is legal under any cause its Mexico City; women who are in need of a legal and safe termination can travel to Mexico City and visit our clinic, in Medica Center Fem we can help you.