Legal Abortion

The legal abortion has for definition support the women in ending with his pregnancy of legal and secure form, for the Government of the Mexico city that is indispensable to guarantee the program respects beginning as:

  • To promote the equality in the service´s rights of sexual health and reproductive health
  • To improve the structure of the country

  • To promote services of sexual and reproductive health, as well as to offer access to veracious and opportune information in order that the woman could take his decisions

  • Have less than 12 weeks of gestation

  • Realize the procedure of legal Abortion in Mexico City

The Legal Interruption of Pregnancy is the program that regulates legal abortion in the Federal District before 12 weeks, a decree by the Penal Code of the Federal District is reformed and the Reproductive Health Law for the Federal District is added For ILE clinics.

The Secretaria of health the same year throws the General Limits of Organization and Operation of the Services of Health for the legal interruption of the pregnancy Abortion (ILE).

What requirements do I need to accede to a Legal Abortion?

The limits for the legal Abortion allows to establish procedure to that it subjects itself the practice of the ILE in the medical units of the first level of attention and specialized hospitals, this practice only will be able to be realized when some conditions meet.

  • The woman must have less than 12 weeks of gestation, must decide about voluntary form on interrupting voluntarily his pregnancy, for some unfavorable situation of social, economic or familiar type.

  • El médico que realice el procedimiento de Interrupción Legal del Embarazo deberá de acreditar su especialidad en ILE, que otorga la secretaria de Salud Pública y función NAF National Abortion Federation.

  • The personnel that offers the Service of Legal Interruption of the Pregnancy Abortion will must offer a clear and respectful service, which never tries to prevent that the woman decides without any pressure on the continuity of his pregnancy.

  • The personnel will must provide information about the post care ones as well as the use of contraceptive methods that benefit the control of the Reproductive Health of the women.

  • The clinic of legal abortion or ILE will must provide “Informed assent“ this document will have to include the name of the doctor dealer, name of the patient, procedure that is requested, as well as clear information about the legal frame and medicate of the procedure of Legal Interruption of the Pregnancy Abortion.

  • In Medica Center FEM we also count with legal pregnancy termination services before 12 weeks of gestation, consult our services and treatments.

When the patient is younger 18 years old, must go with her parents or legal tutor who authorizes the accomplishment of the procedure of Legal Interruption of the Pregnancy Abortion.

ILE is the program only is valid in Mexico City and allows the voluntary Interruption before 12 weeks of pregnancy, you know your reasons find out.

ILE es el programa que por el momento solo es vigente en la Ciudad de México y permite la Interrupción voluntaria antes de las 12 semanas de embarazo.

En Medica Center FEM también contamos con servicios de Interrupción Legal del Embarazo antes de las 12 semanas de gestación, consulta nuestros servicios y tratamientos.