Abortion pills

Abortion Pills or medical abortion is a method for the Legal Termination of pregnancy is carried out with a tablet commonly called abortion pill, this method only applies to 9 weeks gestation, must be administered under medical supervision. The failure rate of abortion pills is between 3% women. So women who have an incomplete abortion should go to their clinic abortion to perform a cleaning uterine cavity by aspiration.

Can I get pregnant after medical abortion?

Abortion pills do not cause infertility or any inability to get pregnant, you may be fertile at any time after the abortion. This means you can get pregnant right away even if you have a slight bleeding. If you never want to be pregnant it is important that you apply birth control . Remember that it is advisable to wait at least 12 months between pregnancies to have a better and healthy gestation period. Find out more about post-abortion pregnancy.

It is essential to know if your have any placed IUD or intrauterine device, is essential to remove in before starting treatment pills to abort, because this determines a high risk to women if not removed.

Not every woman is a candidate for a process of ILE medication, always get the attention and support of a clinical specialist legal abortion.

Check your body and keep changes or signs of discomfort, consult our gynecologists Medical Center FEM attentive. A Better Future is a Future with Prevention.

Medical Center in WEF also have services Legal Termination of Pregnancy before 12 weeks gestation, see our services and treatments. Do not abort the home or clandestine forms, go to health services that offer insurance protocols abortive pills or tablets to abort.