When talking about pregnancy we understand it since the zygote implantation stage until the birth, the average time of this period will be from 38 to 40 weeks, that’s why we consider a vital matter that any pregnant woman take care of herself and to have medical assessment during all her pregnancy stages.

Then, How to know if I am pregnant? many women realize about their status on the first pregnancy weeks, due to changes and body reactions during the pregnancy (first pregnancy symptoms). .

The pregnancy is one of the most important stages on women’s development as in their reproductive stage. The prenatal control is very important during the whole pregnancy, but more important on the first trimester, this help us to meet generally how the mother’s and the pregnancy are, to being able to diagnose or prevent any complication. The bleeding during this stage requires opportune medical assessment, as a bleeding during pregnancy and abortion risks are higher.

The clinical data indicate that between 2 to 3 women of every 20 women can present some bleeding during the pregnancy before the 20 weeks. There are differences between the bleeding during the pregnancy and staining, it is advisable that your physician can assess you to notice this differences, however, remember that, as soon you have any kind of bleeding or staining once your pregnancy has been confirmed, get in touch with your specialist so he/she can give you the adequate recommendations for your pregnancy follow up.

Which will be the pregnancy’s first symptoms?

It could be said that one of the first symptoms during the first trimester (first stage of the pregnancy) would be the absence or loss of the menstrual bleeding, it is said that this is the first of the symptoms the women experience, some of the other early symptoms of the pregnancy are: morning sickness, vomit, heartburn, breast tenderness, among others.

The second stage of the pregnancy would be the second trimester, it goes from the 13th week to the 27th week of pregnancy, during this stage the bleeding risks during the pregnancy would have decreased. The size and the nuisance that the pregnancy causes are more noticeable, it is possible during this stage to begin with nuisances such as swallowed feet, and even you can begin to feel your baby as he start kicking. During this stage, the first pregnancy symptoms would have decreased, such as the nausea and the morning sickness.

During the third stage of the pregnancy, you will be almost at the end of the process, the third trimester is by much the most difficult for the future mother, as she is tired and her size and nuisances can already tired her, we advise you to keep yourself in touch with your doctor, to undergo the necessary tests, but among all to enjoy activities you like and you perhaps will not be able to do once the baby arrives. Enjoy your pregnancy always from a gynecologist’s hand, the good care during your pregnancy can be a great difference.

What happens if I do not wish to go on with my pregnancy?

Since 2007 in Mexico City reforms to the law that prohibited the pregnancy termination (abortion) were applied, giving the women the chance to get a terminated pregnancy before the 12 weeks. The early terminated pregnancy allows women to choose if it is or it is not the time to continue the pregnancy on a safe and legal way.

The legal limit of a terminated pregnancy are 12 weeks, allowing women to freely decide on her bodies, with the support and sustenance of specialized physicians qualified to its legal and professional practice. If you live near Mexico City and you are under 12 weeks pregnant, attend to certified interrupted pregnancy clinics, where we’ll be able of give you the truthful and opportune information that you need in this moments.

How to know how much time have I been pregnant? The pregnancy calculator is really exact?

There are on the Internet a great variety of pregnancy calculators that help to know the pregnancy time we should be according with our last menstrual period date (day of the beginning of the menstrual bleeding).

But it is important for you to know that this is only an estimate, the ideal thing to do is attend with your gynecologist so along with him/her you can understand more about the pregnancy calendar and pregnancy calculator.

The pregnancy calendar on the other hand, will help us to plan and establish some dates and periods of our pregnancy, and in that way to be able to have control and follow up of it. Some pregnancy calendars on the internet help you to program and see the possible dates in which you want to get pregnant and also when the 40 weeks are over, this can be very useful. Some calendars help us to calculate and to know our fertile days and ovulation dates to be able to have a greater contraceptive and gynecological control.