Unplanned pregnancy

The unplanned pregnancy is basically to get pregnant without planning it or being prepared for it, most of undesired pregnancies or not planned happen in women from 15 to 19 years old, currently the teenage pregnancy is a Sexual and Reproductive Health problem, as many of these teenagers will not achieve to finish their studies, besides, they present higher risks during the pregnancy caused by their age.

Mostly it occurs in the teenagers because of the lack of information, or better said, ignorance and they believe they can avoid a pregnancy by using inadequate methods recommended by their friends.

Although it is important to mention that every woman on its fertile stage could have an unwanted pregnancy, this mostly happens when a contraceptive method is not used or the method fails.

The most frequent causes of an unplanned pregnancy are the next:

  • Practice the interrupted coitus: It is believed that it is a way to conclude a sexual intercourse and in this way, avoid a pregnancy. This method has a high failure rate and is one of the biggest causes.
  • The rhythm as a contraceptive method: it is a non-advisable method, as there is a high fail possibility on the days the calculus is made. On the rhythm you calculate since the day the menstrual bleeding begins, but the ovulation can only be calculated 14 days before, and it can be earlier or later.
  • It is thought that the first time a woman engages sexual intercourse, cannot get pregnant: this is utterly fake and ignorant, as the woman, since she has her first period, the ovum can be fecundated since her first sexual intercourse

The consequences of an unwanted pregnancy only have two choices, from which one must be selected:

  • To interrupt the pregnancy through an induced abortion, it can be through medication (abortion pills) or to undergo a surgical abortion intervention with a physician extracting the uterus content.
  • To continue with the unexpected pregnancy.