Clinical Services

Our Clinic Medica Center FEM was founded on 2007, seeking to drive quality gynecological services to the women of Mexico with accessible prices; our job is the prevention and treatment of female diseases. It is certified as a specialized clinic in gynecology and reproductive health. Always looking to be at the forefront on services, tests and the most used treatments on the medical Sexual Health and Reproductive area.

Promoting the importance of maintaining an appropriate sexual and reproductive health, besides enhancing the self-care, exploring and encouraging the correct use of contraceptive methods, as the preservative on the sexual intercourse, decreasing with it the number of women acquiring STD’s and having undesired pregnancies. Schedule your appointment at our telephones or attend directly to our clinic of medical specialties on the women, we have the services you are looking for.

At Medica Center Fem we count with counseling qualified personnel. General Physician Professional License. 3005834 with GYN/OB specialization Professional License. 4255236. Dr. Alberto Aguirre Contreras and Psych. Karen Berenice Méndez Rodríguez Professional License 8135887, so you can take the best choice according to your pregnancy. Our facilities are equipped with everything needed so your attention will be safe and professional.

At Medica Center Fem we offer the following Professional Gynecological Services related to pregnancy and woman care: