Prices of Gynecology, gynecology consultation and prices of gynecological studies

Gynecologists and gynecologists at Medica Center FEM offer Sexual and Reproductive Health Services by providing the following:

Gynecological Services Prices

  • Gynecological assessment $500.00 and $700.00 with ultrasound (Mexican pesos)
  • IUD placement $ 700.00 (Mexican pesos)
  • Obstetric ultrasound

Our gynecological study prices


  • Gynecological assessment + Ultrasound


  • Gynecological assessment + Ultrasound + Papanicolau + Cervico vaginal Exudate


  • Gynecological assessmet + Ultrasound + Colposcopy + Papanicolau + LABORATORY STUDIES B.H, Q.S of 3 and 6 Elements, E.G.O

When doing a Gynecological Check Up we carry out studies that serve for the detection and timely prevention of cervical cancer, breast cancer, human papilloma virus, hormonal disorders, acne, among others.

Take care of your sexual and reproductive health.

PACKAGE E.T.S. Molecular Plus
(Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

PACKAGE E.T.S. Molecular Plus (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

  • Detection of: • V.P.H 16,18,51 y 52 • Trichomoniasis • Ureaplasma • Chlamydia

It is recommended in sexually active people to assess the risks of contracting any of the sexually transmitted diseases.


It does not require fasting but it is recommended to wait at least 2 hours after food intake. You can drink pure water (without gas or flavors). Drinking alcohol is not recommended 24 hours before the test. For the determination of CT / NG the first portion of a urine sample is required, preferably the first one in the morning.

Attention schedule. Only Monday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. by appointment only.

Legal Interruption of Pregnancy by

Uterine Vacuum Aspiration from $ 4500.00 to $ 5500.00 (mexican pesos)

Abortion pills

$ 3500.00 only just before 9 weeks gestation

• Review of ILE (abortion) assessment only $200.00
• Vasectomy and tubal ligation (Salpingoplasty) from $ 6000.00 and $ 8000.00 pesos
• Ultrasonido Obstétrico
• IUD assessment review $ 700.00 pesos
• Anti Rh vaccine $ 3000.00 pesos
• HPV vaccine $ 1600.00 each one
• Contraceptive methods from $ 700.00 pesos
• Sexual health
• Gynecological surgery
• Electro fulguration from $ 3000.00 pesos