Cookies policy

What is a cookie? Means a small file in the form of text that is saved in the browser when you visit almost and / or any page on the web.

The usefulness of this element is that the web can save your visit when you get in again or browse the same page.

Cookies store technological information, your preferences, and personalization, statistics of use, links to social networks, entry to beneficiary accounts, etc.

The cookie´s purpose is to adjust the theme of the network to the profile and requirements, without cookies the functions offered by any network would be in disadvantage.

If you want to consult the extra information about our privacy notice please kindly go to this link

Cookies policy on website

This website uses the following third-party cookies:

Google Analytics:

  • Save cookies, statistics are made according to the traffic and amount of visits on the website
  • When using this URL you are giving consent to the use of your information by Google. The provision of rights in this should do directly with google
  • Social networks use their own cookies so you can click on the likes or the option to share.

Remove or disable cookies

When you want you may delete or deactivate the rights’ of cookies on this website. These facts are done in different ways; all depends on the web page.


  •  This website is not responsible for content of fidelity on the privacy policies that contain or may contain the third parties mentioned in the cookie policy
  •  Web browsing is a tool to store cookies and will be the place the rights will have to be executed or deactivated
  •  This web page, or any of the representatives can guarantee the adequate or not adequate use manipulation the cookies browsers
  •  Some cases is optional to install the cookies so that the website remember the decision not to accept them
  •  In case of cookies analytics, this company saves cookies on servers that are located in the USA and is committed not to share with other third parties, except in cases where it is not necessary for the system to work or when obligated by the law
  •  According Google the IP address is not saved.
  •  Google Inc. It’s a company that according to the agreement of Safe Harbor guarantees that all the information sent will be protected according to European regulations
  •  Any questions about cookies policy contact us in the contact section.