Terms and Conditions

The entry and use of this website bring into the acceptance of the terms and conditions in general. Also of any law or regulation of this website, the internet, and the World Wide Web.

MedicaCenterFem SA de CV periodically reviews Terms and Conditions of our website, allowing modification any time on its contents.

If you do not agree or do not accept the terms and conditions, you shouldn´t browsing in the website, having the authority to change the contents at any time, giving effect to each change, said effects of the moment changes are made to the website.

MedicaCenterFem SA de CV reserves the right to modify the content the present terms and conditions at any time.

The consumer declares to have knowledge of the present clause and gives authorization to MedicaCenterFem SA de CV the present terms and conditions.

The clinic has the right to make changes to these conditions without advance notice and without consent to such change.

The user is responsible to informing in any space or time the terms and conditions, must review and read with attention before use the website.

It is prohibited to use names, logos, designs, any signs or trademarks owned by MedicaCenterFem SA de C, either hyperlinks to pages that the clinic does not have control of, without prior authorization from the clinic.

It is prohibited to include on a website or internet portals not allowed by MedicaCenterFem SA de CV. It is not allowed to display, reproduce the website or display the website, or any of its sub-director, alternate pages, and also on sites that are not controlled by MedicaCenterFem SA de CV.

The link to the website is allowed, creating or making a link to the website, only if the consumer accepts the following conditions:

  •  It is encouraged to link to www.medicacenterfem.com (no other parts of this web page)
  •  You as a user can only link and not replicate the content or web page.
  •  You must ensure that all the links present are representative of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV.
  •  You as a user cannot use the brand or logo of MedicaCenterFem.
  •  Must meet the conditions of owners of intellectual matters that are established in these terms and conditions of use (including not formatting, altering information files without full consent of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV)
  •  It is prohibited to use commercial names or logos, as well as signs that distinguish MedicaCenterFem SA de CV, only if it is for informational purposes, not using to reproduce, distribute or copy hidden information which omits references of the portal as a company.

The client is responsible for the costs of installation and maintenance of the necessary systems by accessing and using the website.

The customer is responsible and agrees to indemnify MedicaCenterFem SA de CV as well as its implied parts in terms of losses, expenses, fees (include official legal costs on the basis of compensation).

In terms of claim or any damage incurred by undertaking to pay by means of agreement or commitment, all based on the result of:

  •  Non-compliance with Terms and conditions of.
  •  Inconvenient conduct of the client or person who has had permission to use this web page.
  •  As soon as a waiver, limitation of liability, everything must be kept for the benefit of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV as well as the clinic staff.
  •  The client must not assign any of his rights / obligations without giving before any consent by MedicaCenterFem SA de CV.

The simple fact of browsing the website of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV is obliged to the following:

  •  You must make proper use of the website and its contents; you must not use the website for any illegal subject.
  •  Not to use the website and services offered on this site for illicit purposes that go against the interests or rights of third parties.
  •  The client should not cause saturation or damage to the website, the contents and the services offered.
  •  Respond to any damage that MedicaCenterFem SA de CV may have as a response to the misuse of the website.
  •  Must give a guarantee and answer about the accuracy, sincerity, validity, legitimacy of personal information that is provided.
  •  You must ensure that the contact and details stored on the website that are current and convenient, all the information that the client sends, provides or promotes to the website, is true and does not infringe the rights. (Includes the right of intellectual property) of any third person.
  •  You must not link any code that damages the web page and / or use it in a harmful way, or deteriorate services offered in MedicaCenterFem SA de CV.
  •  Do not post offensive messages or information that are not requested, defamed, threatening, racist, obscene, deceptive, or inappropriate.

The customer is responsible for using the services and content provided on the website in accordance with the current legislation, principles, and general use accepted.

The client undertakes to provide reliable and accurate information about himself in the website registration.

MedicaCenterFem SA de CV reserves the following rights:

  • 1.- Delete or change partially or in its entirety, the web page and the conditions of its use.
  • 2.- Reject the entry to the website, services and content, without giving prior notice, to those who do not comply with the indications for use of the website.
  • 3.- End or end partially, in any of the moments in use of the website.

About the content

The information on the website is only for information, disclosure of services offered by MedicaCenterFem SA de CV.

At no time does the information substitute the medical care of the corresponding health professional, in order to diagnose or treat any specific disease.

Through the content found on the website, no diagnoses, forecasts or counseling is given for a specific treatment that involves health.

You must visit or go to consultation with a health professional that corresponds, before taking any medication that is mentioned on this website or blog.

MedicaCenterFem SA de CV does not predict or specify the information found on the website, it is given careful notice that it is of a general nature.

The website has been created solely for informative and commercial purposes. In any case of disagreement about the content of the page and documents that are delivered to patients will follow this text for those who can remain on this website.

Only the material displayed on the public website can be copied, provided that the text and graphic content is not altered and the source citation is respected. MedicaCenterFem SA de CV reserves the right to revoke the authorization at any time, commercial use or sale of such material is not allowed.

The client or patient is encouraged to consult different sources in order to corroborate the information contained in the publications, and if necessary, a medical treatment or advice, go directly to a health professional and due experience.

For all professionals outside of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV this content is made available to them in good faith, to be used as a resource for the development of their own protocols

In this way, these professionals must be related to literature and create their own interpretations of the content.

The web page and all the content that is available in it, including without limitation, the software with which the documents related to the text, video, audio, graphics, information, data and the design of the website are based are the property of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV and will be protected by copyright law, as well as those laws of intellectual property that correspond.

All health information on this website is provided only as information in general, MedicaCenterFem SA de CV will not be responsible for your improper use of information:

  •  MedicaCenterFem SA de CV will not guarantee that the information is complete, reliable, accurate or adequate for the conditions or for the particular provisions.
  •  It is not intended to replace the advice of a professional or the diagnosis provided by a properly qualified staff.
  •  Some of the information may be provided by third parties and does not necessarily reflect policies, standards, instructions of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV.
  •  The information will be used with your personalized criteria, you should not proceed (or proceed) based on the materials of the web page, you become the only responsible for the acts or forgetfulness that are made related to or depending on the web page.
  •  MedicaCenterFem SA de CV no se hará responsable y se libra de cualquier responsabilidad sobre el uso no apropiado de información en la página web.
  •  The content on the web page will not always be updated, nor will it be compulsorily monitored daily correcting any error, forgetfulness, failure of information or on the optimal functioning of the web page.
  •  MedicaCenterFem SA de CV will not take responsibility, advice of the information provided on the website, this information is provided in the understanding that any person accessing it will assume a responsibility evaluating the relevance and accuracy of it. A call is made to clients to talk about their exact health needs with a health professional.

Social media

In part of this web page are media relating to social networks, these networks are provided by third parties and are related to terms and conditions of third hand with a corresponding provider (even having some access to any link on this web page).

MedicaCenterFem SA de CV encourages patients and clients to participate in social media, if you wish to do so, you will do so under these terms:

  • 1.- Act with responsibility and put forward the value of respect with staff or interactive users.
  • 2.- It will not present content regarding advertising about products or services outside the clinic of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV.
  • 3.- Will not personally identify people without their consent, expressing:
    •  Content that offends or expresses hate
    •  Non-legal information or content
    •  Or other information that the MedicaCenterFem SA de CV clinic considers inappropriate at the time.

MedicaCenterFem SA de CV will have the absolute right to eliminate content sent by clients or patients considering that it violates the exposed terms.

Implications when entering the clinic’s website

MedicaCenterFem SA de CV does not guarantee that the website is free of any error, virus or any harmful factor. In this way, MedicaCenterFem SA de CV is not liable for any damage directly or indirectly, or any other, that causes the client, third parties, the computer system, the use of the website, the material, services that are offered to this.

MedicaCenterFem SA de CV, director, gerentes ni otra parte que se vea involucrada en su creación, añadiendo la producción e incluso la distribución de la página web será responsable de algún daño indirecto o directo, consecuencia, ni de algunos daños alternantes que resulte del uso de la página web; incluidos daños por virus, información no completa de la página web.

MedicaCenterFem SA de CV makes its best effort to apply security controls avoiding at all costs the access that is not authorized and / or the improper use of the website.

In case the client recognizes that the internet is an unsecured public network, where there is a risk of use and the interaction of the website may be modified by third parties and this website and other information may contain content with damage.

To the extent permitted by law, MedicaCenterFem SA de CV does not guarantee that it will exist, nor accept any responsibility for any harmful code on the website, violation of third-party security and any system intromission, software, information related to the website.

Regarding the client is responsible for its online security, MedicaCenterFem SA de CV highly recommends:

  •  Make sure you use an updated version of the operating system, software.
  •  Make sure you have an antivirus installed and running, that your updates are constantly being updated and that you are configuring to be able to analyze incoming and outgoing emails.
  •  Make sure the browser is shaped so you can minimize the chance of your computer equipment or privacy being affected by a virus or damage.
  •  Suspect strange emails, files or hyperlinks.
  •  Si tiene sospecha de que el su equipo de cómputo está siendo afectado por algún código extraño o dañino deberá comunicarse con su equipo de servicios o de antivirus.

The client or possible patient accepts:

  •  To hold any personal information or information that is private (including without limitations, the software, processes in which the web page exemplifies), to access the web page with strict confidentiality at all times.
  •  It will not know, send, and transfer to any third person only if necessary to carry out obligations or practice rights on Terms and Conditions.

Management of user information

Regarding the use made of this web page, it may or may not be registered for the sole purpose of having information about statistics and anonymous aspect with respect to which pages are most visited and in this way offer a higher quality service.

MedicaCenterFem SA de CV ensures security and confidentiality regarding the processing of personal data provided by clients or potential patients in accordance with the federal law on the protection of personal data as well as the rules of regulation, amendments, to replace or some other provisions that apply.

All information that is delivered directly to MedicaCenterFem SA de CV through the website will be subject to automatic processing and will be incorporated into one or more database on MedicaCenterFem SA de CV will be the manager or owner and the only responsible, according to the terms of the law.

Links to external websites

For the convenience of the client and the possible patient trying to improve the use of the website, there is a likelihood that it will be provided to other web pages, respectively to ownership and control in the hands of third parties.

The links are out of service and the website of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV escapes control. The visit, access to the web page remains with the responsibility of the visitor.

Please note that other web pages may send cookies to customers or potential patients, collecting information and for this reason it is advisable to check conditions of use and privacy policies of other websites before using them.

The content of this web page may have links to other web pages. These links that are provided to alternate web pages will only be made with a convenient purpose and MedicaCenterFem SA de CV will not intend to place or approve any material that may be included.

It is the responsibility of the client or possible patient to make their own decisions according to quality, updating, suitability, reliability of some materials that are linked for the purposes of the website. MedicaCenterFem SA de CV is not liable to the client or possible patient for loss or damage (without giving importance to the cause, or for negligence), whether arising or connecting to the website.

If confidence is placed in terms of materials on the website, the client or possible patient does so at their own risk.

Industrial and intellectual property

The rights in their entirety of intellectual and industrial property on the website are from MedicaCenterFem SA de CV. The use of any right over intellectual and industrial property is prohibited, with no prior written consent.

The signs present as brands on products, service, merchant names, slogans, etc., that are registered according to national legislation are the property of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV.

It is forbidden to use any distinctive sign of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV regarding the content in this website without giving prior notice to the clinic.

The client or possible patient is licensed to download and print content from the website for personal use only. The client or possible patient cannot:

  • Correct, copy, make a reproduction of publications, transmit, download, make disclosure, rent, any part of this web page in any way, without making any exception to what is expressed on the website.
  • Altering notices on copyright, manipulating, using commercially any brand, name or logo that appears on the website or in materials that are accessed on the website.
  • Create jobs that are derived in reverse, dismantling anyone who participates in the website.

MedicaCenterFem SA de CV reserves the right to access, maintains, eliminate or destroy communication, information that is uploaded or stored on the website at any time.

The client or possible patient will not use MedicaCenterFem SA de CV branding (trade name, trademark, image or commercial logo with respect to the woman or its related parties, suppliers or licensees), in advertising, promotional, web pages or in communications without giving prior written consent of MedicaCenterFem SA de CV.

Applicable laws

The use of the website will be governed by laws applicable to the Mexican Republic.


If you have any questions about this web page, please contact MedicaCenterFem SA de CV.