Even when it is commonly used as contraceptive, it is mostly used as emergency pill on the 72 hours after the sexual act, its impact has been huge in different countries, mainly because it avoids undesired pregnancies in teenagers; the care might have been lost as with any other drug, cause it practically is for sale to whoever needs it without any information about prevention, for example about side effects that the medication can cause.

The levonorgestrel is the most popular medication, because it has a minor quantity of side effects when its compared to other pills on the pharmaceutical market with another important point because its high effectiveness.

How does the next day pill is used (active substance, levonorgestrel)?

The pill or the next day pill (postcoital pill) is part of the so denominated emergency or urgency contraceptives. It is prescribed to decrease the risk of a pregnancy when a sexual intercourse with penetration has occurred and a fail on the usual contraceptive has occurred, for example, the breakage or retention of the preservative, a neglect of any contraceptive pill, or a bad use of any other method.

The levonorgestrel is used for the contraception, it is a synthetic progestine of second generation, and currently it is very used. It is currently used in several of the hormonal contraceptive methods like the subdermal implants, emergency contraceptive (next day pill), contraceptive pills and intrauterine device (mirena and jaydess).

Oral hormonal contraceptive (contraceptive pills). In low doses the levonorgestrel is employed as daily contraceptive pills on pill and mini-pill presentation.

Emergency Contraceptive (next day pill). It is used as we mentioned before as emergency pill, in combination with estrogen and on a formula alone. This dose must be employed up to 3 days after the coitus or risky sexual contact. The commercial names of this pills are different on the different countries where it is sold.

Intrauterine device (IUD) The levonorgestrel is used as long term use hormone, the Mirena device employs it and it has a 5 year endurance, avoiding the ovulation and the endometrial thickening, besides it helps to thicken de cervical mucus acting as spermicide.

Subdermal contraceptive (subdermal implant) the active ingredient of some subdermal implants, it has an endurance or a sustained liberation for 3 years, avoiding the ovulation and the endometrial thickening. The principal advantage of this method is that it does not require constant assessments and can be withdrawn at any moment, without the need of the menstrual bleeding presence if the patient decides it.

The action mechanism of the levonorgestrel is of multiple action, this causes the liberation of gonadotrophic hormones from the pituitary gland, which is in charge of the ovarian activity and the endometrial coating preventing:

  • 1) The ovulation and maturation of the ovum, avoiding with this that the ovule can join with the sperm.
  • 2) Increase of the cervical mucus viscosity, blocking the pass of the sperm to the uterus.

It is possible to have some changes with levonogestrel as: nausea, vomit, stomach pain, breast sensitivity, tiredness, headache and irregular bleeding.

Currently, the IUD is also fabricated in much more anatomical ways with levonogestrel liberation

Other of the data found about this method is that as it is not of permanent use as the contraceptive pill, IUD, etc, the condom must be accessible on every occasion of sexual contact